Presenting a Client Photography Gift – Its all in the Framing!


After pouring my heart into any photography session and finding it has come to a close, I think about a personal gift for my clients.  I have spent a number of hours with them and often, we end up coming to a certain friendship.  Giving a personalized photography gift at the end of the session seems only natural and is a last finishing touch to a well-presented and carefully thought out project.  The gift and a hand-written note (I love the art of handwriting, it  is wonderfully old-fashioned, and all too rare) makes it that much more personal.

When I decide on a print, we send it off to our trusty printers and then take it over to our commercial framing vendor.  For a few years now, we have worked with The House of Frames. It took quite a while to find the right framer and when we did, it made life so much easier!  I love the fact that House of Frames picks out the best artistic and aesthetically pleasing option for each individual print only adding to the value of our work and our business.

I believe framing is an art that can only enhance a great piece, making it look its absolute best, ramping up the quality that much more.  My pick, House of Frames  does work only for qualified commercial businesses, photographers and art galleries and they care a very great deal about the quality they put out there.  They are our only choice for framing vendors in Edmonton…and rightly so.  They ask what we want, but I am at the point now where I know I can leave my print with them – completely trusting their service and their work!

A recent print just before it was shipped out to our client in Toronto. House of Frames chose black with a silver lining to complement the B&W Portrait
A recent print just before it was shipped out to our client in Toronto.   Initially I had thought about a stylized white frame but after consulting with our framers, they came back with a suggestion of simple black with a silver lining to compliment the B&W Portrait.  As you can see, an excellent choice!

A big thank you to our favorite framers for making both us, and a long line of clients extremely happy!  Check them out for yourself….you can find out more about House of Frames via this link.

*Please note, we gain nothing from condoning our fav framers…this post was written based purely on the fact that they are so awesome! 

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