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6 Minute Model Shoot ~ Benamoz Headshot and Model Photography Edmonton

6 Minute Model Shoot ~ Benamoz Headshot and Model Photography Edmonton

What can you do in six minutes?
Brew a good cup of coffee, skim a magazine article, Something About Mary’s “6 Minute Ay-abs”, maybe, but a photography session? It is possible when you have a great team and all of the right elements!

To describe the session (it will take me longer than six minutes);

1. The perfect setting – the beaches of LA, quiet, in the month of December, the sun was very bright but there was a haze, acting as a diffuser over our models. It was almost directly overhead in the noon-day sun. You often hear other photographers talk about the horrid and harsh nightmare of mid-day light, but this session did not exactly suffer because of it. In this case, a high-key, GQ-look was what I was after.

LA Models-4

2. The Perfect Models – my models (and yes, they are a couple) really were pros. I say this after working with many models, sometimes over more than a few hours to try and generate the look I achieved here. I am always after natural gesture and this couple ruled in this area! The ability to work with models who do not require coaching is invaluable – sure, there is directing, but not coaching when it comes to true pros!

LA Models-3

3. Time Crunch – at times, there is nothing more motivating than being under a tight schedule. Of course, I am not a fan of this, but when you need to get a job done, you have two options. Get it done, or don’t!  The variables that lead to a hectic schedule can drive you nuts some days, but through a combination of trained study and work with some of the greatest photojournalist photographers, not to mention the world of weddings has prepped me for pretty much anything.  Nothing says “get going” like a call to cocktail hour!

4.  Less Time in Post – the better the photo means  less time in Photoshop.  ‘Nuff said.

Photography…specifically work that causes me to stretch (given over a longer span of time) is my true passion.  When I am approached with a project and the only stipulation given is ‘just run with it’, it truly opens the door to so much more creatively.  Which leads to…

5. Time.  The ever-evasive element I seem to be chasing.  This session, however, may just have proven me wrong!!

Interesting days…more to follow!

Freelance International Photographer
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LA Models-6 LA Models-5 LA Models-2 LA Models

Seaside Photography ~ Benamoz

Clients often end up taking us to wonderful places and this was no exception!  On my off-time from client work, I took some time to wander and capture wonderful photographs in and around Jamaica.  More of my work can be seen via my portfolio prints that are now available over at Benamoz.  Here is a wee peek at some others as well.  Enjoy!

jamaica landscape photography jamaica landscape photography jamaica landscape photography jamaica landscape photography
jamaica landscape photography jamaica landscape photography jamaica landscape photography Around Jamaica-20
jamaica landscape photography

New York City Model Session

New York Model Session:  Photography by Benamoz

Just a few images from my rooftop NYC Model Session!  Special thanks to our model Nicole for a job well done.



Model Session - NYC May 2014-3




Model Session - NYC May 2014-7

A special thanks to 5th Floor Studios in Queens for their fantastic location.

Wonderful space and fantastic rooftop view!  Highly recommended team and wonderful to work with!

~ Benamoz

Gorgeous Oceanside Wedding – Edmonton Wedding Photography

The Wedding of Sean and Yazmin in Jamaica, Montego Bay…  They chose this location to gather their family and friends together; combining their love of world travel and the lovely warmth of a tropical destination.  They chose a Martha Stewart Chic and Natural wedding with beautiful details and of course, a gorgeous setting in Montego Bay, Jamaica Sandals!

Congratulations Sean and Yazmin on your beautiful wedding….may your life together be filled with tons of love and laughter!

See the full Wedding Video here via Vimeo!

Jamaica wedding Around Jamaica-30 Around Jamaica-31

Jamaica Wedding Photography S&Y, Family-12 S&Y, Family-15 S&Y, Family-21 S&Y, Family-22 S&Y, Family-24 S&Y, Family-28 S&Y, Family-33 S&Y, Family-37 S&Y, Family-43 S&Y, Family-50 S&Y, Family-51 S&Y, Family-53 S&Y, Family-54 S&Y, Family-58 S&Y, Family-62Martha Stewart Wedding Martha Stewart Wedding Martha Stewart Wedding Martha Stewart Wedding S&Y, Reception-99 Martha Stewart Wedding S&Y, Reception-74 S&Y, Reception-72 Martha Stewart Wedding S&Y, Reception-68 Martha Stewart Wedding S&Y, Reception-65 Martha Stewart Wedding Martha Stewart Wedding S&Y, Reception-18 Martha Stewart Wedding Martha Stewart Wedding Martha Stewart Wedding Photography

Around Jamaica-39

Presenting a Client Photography Gift – Its all in the Framing!


After pouring my heart into any photography session and finding it has come to a close, I think about a personal gift for my clients.  I have spent a number of hours with them and often, we end up coming to a certain friendship.  Giving a personalized photography gift at the end of the session seems only natural and is a last finishing touch to a well-presented and carefully thought out project.  The gift and a hand-written note (I love the art of handwriting, it  is wonderfully old-fashioned, and all too rare) makes it that much more personal.

When I decide on a print, we send it off to our trusty printers and then take it over to our commercial framing vendor.  For a few years now, we have worked with The House of Frames. It took quite a while to find the right framer and when we did, it made life so much easier!  I love the fact that House of Frames picks out the best artistic and aesthetically pleasing option for each individual print only adding to the value of our work and our business.

I believe framing is an art that can only enhance a great piece, making it look its absolute best, ramping up the quality that much more.  My pick, House of Frames  does work only for qualified commercial businesses, photographers and art galleries and they care a very great deal about the quality they put out there.  They are our only choice for framing vendors in Edmonton…and rightly so.  They ask what we want, but I am at the point now where I know I can leave my print with them – completely trusting their service and their work!

A recent print just before it was shipped out to our client in Toronto. House of Frames chose black with a silver lining to complement the B&W Portrait
A recent print just before it was shipped out to our client in Toronto.   Initially I had thought about a stylized white frame but after consulting with our framers, they came back with a suggestion of simple black with a silver lining to compliment the B&W Portrait.  As you can see, an excellent choice!

A big thank you to our favorite framers for making both us, and a long line of clients extremely happy!  Check them out for yourself….you can find out more about House of Frames via this link.

*Please note, we gain nothing from condoning our fav framers…this post was written based purely on the fact that they are so awesome! 

Living in the Moment

“Couples choose unplugged weddings not just to ensure the quality of professional images. They also do it to keep guests engaged and focused on the ceremony itself.”

Bridal ipadI recently read an interesting article from CNN entitled: “When snap-happy guests go too far” all about photo-bombing at weddings.This hits very close to home for me as it is a very real scenario at many weddings we photograph.  One of the worst scenarios I have ever encountered in this regard, was a very small wedding of about 30 guests, 85% of them had a camera phone (including a sweet, but very busy 5 year old) pointed at the couple for the entire ceremony and during the signing of the wedding certificate.  The guests were crowded around the signing table to the point that I was unable to get in front of them for this all-important photograph.  Later, the bride actually apologized to me as she clearly understood what had just happened.A photographer within the CNN article quoted: “It’s not me that you’re hurting, it’s the bride and groom and those who have been invited,” she said. “You don’t want to be the person who blocks the first kiss not just from me, but from other guests, or whose flash ruins the shot when the bride’s father is crying as he walks down the aisle.”

As much as social media, selfies and status updates are a norm, we are finding that couples are drawn to the unplugged wedding. Some of our bridal couples have even requested a little blurb from us regarding “no photography moments” during their wedding.

The following paragraph was written by an anonymous author (I wish I knew who, so I could give credit to where it is due) but I have found it fundamental to photographing the natural gesture at weddings that we love to capture; i.e, not having to look past those cameras and camera phones!

Spring in New York City and…4000 miles for a sandwich.

I had gone to New York last year about this time and discovered how different the face of the city had changed.  This time the apple trees were blossoming and it seemed almost summertime.   I had a few photoshoots while in NYC and in between those shoots, walked the streets seeking the color and gesture that the city offers.  I have to say I love the people there – they have a very unique character – and the food was amazing.  New Yorkers sure know how to eat!  We stayed in a beautiful hotel on the water (Sheraton Lincoln – thanks for everything!) and took beautiful shots at the Manhattan Skyline.

We had some adventures while shooting some of these street photos, for example, got into a small fight in Washington Square Park, met a movie star on the streets of Greenwich Village (couldn’t tell you his name though – Daniel something?!), lots of nudity on a hot day in Central Park, visited the unbelievable B&H Photo (twice!), ate cannolies and “Nuts for Nuts” worth killing for and not to mention Katz Deli.  Oh Katz Deli… where have you been all of my life?  Do you not know your sinfully delicious mile-high brisket beef is calling me even still?

Yes, we are back in Canada now but New York memories still linger.  Ah.. the Empire State Building at twilight, Brooklyn Bridge at 2 am, Pier 17 on the dock, Dunkin Donuts breakfasts and the ocean splashing up on the rocks.  What a wonderful place – a photographers dream!  We’ll be back – same time next year?  Until then, we have more photos posted on our website here under “NEW’!  Scenes from NYC“.

Wizard in the park
Garbage Day
Johnny Rocket
Central Park
Girl in the Park
What everyone seems to be doing
Skating in Spring
Couple on the water
Flower scene
Model in the park
Somebody Famous?
View of Skyline

Katz Deli!